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Application area

    Horizontal continuous casting iron bars after decades of application practice, now widely used in hydraulic, machine tools, dies, locomotive, metallurgy and compressor parts industry and general use.
(1) hydraulic industry
     Internal iron bars without defects, density greater than sand casting, with a fine organization, pressure density of the fine, under pressure 35Mpa, the wall thickness of 1mm sample no point infiltration and peripheral infiltration phenomenon, coupled with its excellent machining performance, very suitable for hydraulic parts.
(2) compressor industry
    The rolling movement of the piston air compressor, scroll piston rings for critical components. By quenching, casting and machining of gray cast iron rod piston rings (also known as roll sets) can easily reach more than HRC50 hardness and heat distortion, high dimensional accuracy. US Potorex, Fedders Corporation, Japan Hitachi, Shanghai Hitachi, LG, Gree and other famous Chinese manufacturers have bulk purchases.
(3) the machine tool industry
    In the machine tool industry, the use of cast iron profiles manufacturing lathes, milling machines, grinders, drill press table and machine tool guide shaft.
(4) vehicle industry (ADI gear)
    Casting profiles compared with sand casting, such as tensile strength 20Mpa after quenching temperature above 20% elongation, hardness 2HRC, mechanical properties significantly better than sand castings; Forged compared in terms of processing the entire gear reduce the cost of about 23%.
(5) metallurgical industry
    Morgan technology applicable to high-speed wire rod rolling production line conveyor roller by Baosteel, Shougang Steel and other companies use to change the past, our dependence on foreign imports of high-speed wire accessories situation.
(6) railway locomotive industry
    According to the Ministry of Railways train speed requirements, the use of ductile iron casting profiles after processing into the locomotive ADI (ADI) sets requirements Austempering HRC38-45, σb ≧ 1200Mpa, δ ≧ 1%, crushing strength ≧ 2000Mpa promote the use of more than a decade to achieve good yields.


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