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Product Specifications

● Round profiles ∮25 ~ 450mm;
● rectangular, square profile □ 25 × 25 ~ 300 × 300 mm;
● regular polygon and rectangular profiles 25 × 30 ~ 60 × 400 mm;
● semicircle profile R20 ~ 200 mm;
● symmetrical and asymmetrical shaped cross-section and other sections and plates, and developed various industry-specific iron bars;
● 25-50mm small diameter profile production efficiency has obvious advantages;
● production of large diameter section and casting iron bars 450mm wide 500mm cast iron casting sheet;
● The machine with the knife in skateboarding series of special iron bars;
● high-grade hydraulic components for hydraulic valve block special iron bars;
● etch resistant ductile iron alloy products;
● glass molds for cast profiles products;
● develop 18-50mmd pipe wall thickness;
● Other industry-specific iron bars.


1.  Ductile iron refers to liquid through nodulizer treatment instead of heat-treated, so that most or all of spherical graphite, sometimes a small number of groups like other forms of graphite cast iron.

2.  Is a cross-section of gray cast iron gray, carbon occurs mainly in the form of flake graphite cast iron.

3.  Advantages of cast iron profiles

(1)  Compared with steel, iron bars have good processing performance, easy cutting, surface finish, at different cutting speed, surface finish is relatively small fluctuations in the low speed <50m / min and high speed> 200 m / min When cutting, can ensure that the surface roughness of not more than 20 μm, suitable for a variety of precision parts machining;

(2)  Uniform and compact body tissues, the body without pores, slag, sand, shrinkage and other casting defects, Europe and the United States called "dense stick", sand casting can not be reached; high precision ductile iron profiles Dimensions, an organization of small graphite rounded, high ball, the ball a few more, no intergranular carbide substrate is the best production of ADI products;

(3)  Pressure-performance, high resistance to hydraulic performance, pressure up to 35 Mpa, gray iron wall thickness profiles for samples processed 1mm no point infiltration and peripheral infiltration phenomenon, compressive strength greater than Sand Castings 1 to 2 levels, is the preferred substrate of high profile hydraulic parts;

(4)  Wear and noise, distortion, ductile iron profiles due to the organizational structure of a self-lubricating, wear, noise reduction, noise tests showed lower than that of steel more than 10 times, heat distortion, machining distortion of less than steel, and the proportion of 6% lighter than steel;

(5)  Excellent in the surface coating, machining of cast iron parts of the surface profile is easy to be glass, enamel coating, copper, chromium, tungsten plating, carburizing, nitrogen and other surface treatment, the performance is much higher than that of steel;

(6)  High fatigue limit strength, fatigue limit strength than sand casting more than 20% higher;

(7)  Also known as a very close-shaped iron bars cast iron materials, a small allowance, processing time is reduced by 50%, saving 50%;

(8)  Good cutting iron bars, compared with steel, tool life 2 to 3 times, 50% time saving tool change, tool consumption by 70%, 50% increase machining capacity. Europe and the US long-term use to prove: iron bars and steel to replace sand casting their part to reduce overall costs by 50%.

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