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Application area

  Application Areas of Cast Iron Bars and typical Parts

Hydraulic valve

Modular valves, combination valves, valves, relief valves, solenoid valves, hydraulic manifold

Hydraulic parts

Piston, cover, cylinder cover, guide sleeve hydraulic motor housing

Machine tool

Side panels, rear panels, sleeves, pistons, cylinder end caps, pins, spring card sets, columns, pressure rings, gears, bushings, guide

Injection Molding Machine

Valves, manifold, cylinder, fixed side panels, movable plates, plastic plates, screws

Rubber Machinery

Hydraulic cylinders, the upper and lower plates, column

Printing Machinery

Mixing the ink roller, ink rails, guides, gear

Civil engineering machinery

Valves, cylinder piston, Manifold

Textile Machinery

Gears, bearing housing, balance blocks, catheters, bearings, Oldham, cams, grooved shaft 


Dampers, valves, catheters, mechanical seals, bushings, gaskets, balance blocks, bearing


Oil separator, cylinder, piston, valve bushings, engine valve stem cover, cylinder body parts

Power Equipment

 Rotary air conditioning compressor roll sets, motor gear, freezers rotor, generator disc  


Glass, aluminum, plastic, wheel, pressure casting punch and die


Pulleys, bushings, bearings

Engineering Machinery

Bushings, ring, kava, wear sleeve, ground cover, gears, shafts

Oil drilling

Drillable packer / drillable bridge plug, suction pipe, drill pipe   

Railway vehicles

Bogie bushing, brake system bushings, shaft

Nonferrous Metallurgy

Casting riser tubes, suction casting, thermocouple protection tube

Air conditioning compressor

Rolling piston rings, piston


Gears, shafts, dry cylinder liners, piston rings, steering pump stator ring  

Tractor / Ship

Dry cylinder liners, piston rings, steering pump stator, ring gear, gear sets, liners, partitions

Mining Machinery

Wear ring sets, gears, shafts, engine cylinder


Manifold, fan pulley, wheel housing, air compressors, rotors, sleeve, flange, winch wheel, lift hook, transfer roller, balance blocks

Submarine cable industry

High silicon chrome tubular anode

Amorphous alloys

Supply of high-purity silicon iron boron alloy

Lock industry

Lock blanks


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